“Once you have a book out there, people start seeing you differently.” -Jack Canfield, originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® Enterprise 

A book gives you the power to: 

Help people improve their lives by learning about your expertise in business, spirituality, wellness, life, finance, education and more;

Make a big splash in the local and national media;

Garner paid speaking engagements for you;

Attract new clients;

Generate a new stream of income from book sales;

Bolster your “brand” and establishing you as an expert in your field;\

Serve as your inspiring testimony about how you triumphed over disease, divorce, depression, abuse, emotional or physical trauma, a natural disaster, war or other devastating experiences;

Become required reading in college courses pertaining to your topic;

Chronicle your life story in your own words for your children and future generations;

Accomplish a lifelong dream of becoming an author.