Welcome to Atkins & Greenspan Writing.

We are book coaches and mentors who can help you make your book a reality!

If you want to leave a legacy, boost your brand, or set yourself apart from your competition, you’ve come to the right place.

We start by helping you explore the five W's of your book:

Who are you not reaching... because you haven't written your book?

What's not happening in your career or life... because you haven't put your story down on paper?

Where could your business succeed... if you proclaimed your value in your book?

When are you going to reach influencer status... before or after writing your book?

Why are others writing their books... and you're not?

How are you going to make a difference in the world... if you don't have a book?

Now ask yourself: What are the ramifications if I don't write MY book? Maybe someone else will write it. Maybe you'll always wonder how your life and the lives of others might be affected if you had made the decision to go for it. Fill in the blank with any one of a million what-if's...

Having a book instantly gives you leader status; your clients will see that you take yourself, your business, your profession seriously.

If you're a business owner seeking a unique marketing piece with a long-term shelf-life, a book is your ideal tool. We can easily toss a business card, but we're not likely to discard a book.

Give it some thought. Ask yourself the five W's. Then contact us and discover how our creative synergy can help get your book out into the world!

What exactly is a book coach?

An enthusiastic, empathetic, experienced mentor, advisor, and guide who will provide as much motivation, support, and structure as you need to write your book.

A book coach knows that writing a book is an arduous journey. If you are not a professional writer, you more than likely need a guide. You want someone who’s been there and done that multiple times. Someone who can help you navigate the smoothest path to becoming a published author… As your book coach, we help you from concept to completion by focusing your topic, identifying your target audience, outlining your book, and keeping you motivated, disciplined, and on track to complete the book within a set period of time.