Your book isn't going to write itself. 

You could use a guide — a writing coach or two — to help you navigate the myriad steps you must take in order to succeed at writing your book.

Writing a book is a very personal process. Very often, you are delving deep into your truth and your most intimate thoughts. 

Your burning desire to write your book, to tell your story, to leave your legacy, to share your message… has grown steadily as you've matured. Years keep zooming by, and still you've not written your book. At this rate, you may die with your book inside you...

You're not a writer, but you've got a proven track record in all your life endeavors: family, career, lifestyle... Why can't you just sit down and write? It's your story, after all! 

Chances are, you're stuck at square one. And you're not going to budge from there until you get help.

We'd love to connect with you and find out if we are good fit to help you write your book.

Do you need a book coach?

You do if you:

  • don’t know where to start.

  • can’t “find the time” to write.

  • lack a consistent writing schedule.

  • don’t have the motivation to stick with it.

  • sit down to write and all your brilliant ideas vanish.

  • feel frustrated by your inability to make your book a priority.

  • have written enough to get the idea down… but know you don’t have enough to fill a whole book.

  • keep reviewing what feels like a near-finished draft, wondering, “What’s next?”

  • regularly find yourself doing online searches for “get help writing my book.”

Would you have more success if you had…


Structure is twofold: First, a coach can help you structure your ideas and your book. Secondly, a coach can offer guidance on re-configuring your life to schedule time for writing.


A writing coach keeps you committed to your writing schedule and keeps you accountable to your promise to yourself to write your book.


A writing coach can motivate you with encouragement, success at setting and meeting small goals, de-mystifying the writing process, and adhering to a publishing schedule.

Are you ready to work with a writing coach?

You are if you can imagine hearing yourself thinking:

I did it! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...and it's my book!

My blocks went away as I focused on my book week after week, month after month.

I’ve expressed myself with clarity and impact and the my book is now helping other people around the world.

My book blossomed from a constant thought to a reality.

LaRue hired us—now his book is becoming a reality.

LaRue Palmer, Certified Health Coach, Diabetes Educator and Culinary Chef, Los Angeles, California

LaRue DSC08883x.jpg

LaRue is on a mission to write a book that's a wake-up call empowering people to take action now and save ourselves and our loved ones from diabetes.

LaRue lost his mother to the horrific disease. 

LaRue writes articles and gives talks. But those magazines, journals, and stages have a built-in, captive audience.

How does he talk to the masses? How does he find his authentic, compassionate voice in his book? How does he take the one-on-one passion he gives when coaching to the pages of his book so they leap up and get the attention of the very people he wants to save? 

He did exactly what you should do: he took action and he found a guide. 

Says LaRue: “Who knew going into this, working with two capable coaches, I would be so blessed. It’s really what’s bringing my book to life.”

These four want you to know: if they did, you can do it, too!

From left: Herman Williams, MD; Lin Day; Dennis W. Archer; and  Steve D. Bullock. 

Herman's Story: He dropped dead of a cardiac arrest at 31 during his orthopedic residency in Seattle. He was revived, but his dream of becoming a surgeon remained dead. He had to reinvent himself. Decades later, he did just that by inventing The Kindness Scale. His burning desire to share his story culminated in CLEAR! Living the Life You Didn't Dream Of.

Lin's Story: Lin's book came to her as if through divine guidance. She had to tell her story. She had to share her journey. Her life was a journey of seeking help in many places. Therapists, diets, spiritual quests. Nothing worked... Until something did. The flood gates opened for Lin, and her story poured forth in Remembering and Forgetting: a spiritual journey.

Dennis' Story: Dennis W. Archer's list of accomplishments could fill a book. As a former Michigan Supreme Court Justice, former two-term mayor of Detroit, former president of the American Bar Association, and recipient of 24 honorary doctorates, much had been written about him. But he wanted to tell his story from his perspective...for an audience of two: his grandsons. His book is his story: Let the Future Begin.

Steve's Story: Steve, born in the segregated South, one of 22 children of a sharecropper, his family and community instilled the importance of education from a young age. Throughout Steve's life, Steve methodically developed four pillars for a good life. His book tells his story, how he did it and succeeded at overcoming odds, and it lays a foundation as a handbook for others in My Name Is Steve Delano Bullock: How I Changed My World and the World Around Me Through Leadership, Caring, and Perseverance.

Note: Herman, Dennis, and Steve were ghostwriting clients; Lin wrote her own book.

So, how does book coaching work?

Elizabeth Ann Atkins and Catherine M. Greenspan will guide you through your book-writing journey via:

  • live, one-on-one video conference calls with you

  • focusing your topic

  • creating your book outline

  • organizing your ideas and materials

  • identifying your target audience

  • creating a writing schedule with goals

  • setting a timeline and check-points

  • establishing your publishing strategy

We use our skills as authors, teachers, coaches, and ghostwriters to help you find and maximize your authentic voice while keeping you focused on your target reader. 

Elizabeth and Catherine are both published authors. Elizabeth has written and ghostwritten over 20 books plus several on the way. Catherine has written a Young Adult series exploring coming-of-age and multicultural themes. 

Both have coached and consulted countless people and we have edited and provided constructive feedback and development on a variety of works. 

Both have taught college and university writing, composition, creative writing, and essay-writing. 

Click here to learn more about Elizabeth and Catherine.

I'm Ready to Start. Let's Do This!

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